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O kompaniji Atlantica Sea Nav. Co. Ltd.
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tekst skinut sa stranice

Atlantica Sea Nav. Co. Ltd. - Budapest / Fiume - 1907-1920

By the turn of the century construction of Fiume harbour was drawing to its end. There were kilometers long quays used for berthing freighters and dozens of cranes helped loading. Wharfs were electrically lit. Shipyards with dry and floating docks were at shipping companies disposal, other background institutions of navigation from maritime authority to seamen's schools were set up as well. The Hungarian State spent millions of Krones to development of her sea entrance, merchant marine, coastal and overseas commerce. At the beginning of the new century, after laws which supported tramp shipping and purchase of new vessels had been enacted, new shipping companies were established. One of them was the Atlantica Hungarian Sea Nav. Co. Ltd. The company started its operation with seven 5-6000 tons freighters. Its seat was in Budapest but its headquarters was built in Fiume. From the very beginning, Atlantica's business policy was to hire only Hungarian officers and its crews consisted mainly of Hungarians as well. Board of directors and the supervisory board of the company showed similiar picture.

In the middle of August, 1914 - when the war began - the three biggest Hungarian company, the Adria, the Atlantica and the Levante had 53 ships representing 155.542 BRT. Of these ships 19 fell in enemy hands. Of the Atlantica vessels The JÓZSEF ÁGOST FŐHERCEG, the GRÓF SERÉNYI BÉLA and the ATLANTICA were seized by Italy, the POLNAY by Britain, the BUDAPEST and the MORAWITZ by the USA. Those Atlantica ships that escaped to neutral ports could not enjoy hospitality too long either. When Italy and the United States entered the war all of them became war prize. Most ships of the Hungarian fleet found shelter in the Adriatic during the war years. There were many of these which got requisited mostly for the K.u.K. Kriegsmarine but some became the Army's supply ships. They transported troops, supply, injured soldiers and prisoners of war. These were very hard times, most of the officers were enlisted fulfilling their war service duties on their former ships. After Italy had became a warfaring nation, the ships sailed entirely darkened and the usual coastal lights did not help masters in navigation either.

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